Sunday, February 3, 2013

Graphite: Vim vs Emacs

Stardate: 90697.76
Graph all the things! Graphite is a real time graphing tool. It allows sysadmins like myself to visualize statistics about our environment and change over time. We can also, using the graphite dashboard, easily map different data sources onto each other to try to find correlations or just to look at differences in use.
Nightfly, a co-worker of mine, has developed a script to run against our college's general login boxes. These boxes are used by the CS, ECE, and other departments. It provides a good picture of what people are using against time and against each other. Obviously the first order of business is to prove which editor is more popular:
The program to collect and submit this data is on github. The botnet element of this is hacked together with cron and ssh.
Big thanks to Nightfly for making the tech behind this post.