Saturday, November 29, 2014

Bashrc: Gerrit

Gerrit is the code review and git hosting tool used by OpenStack. It is common courtesy to mark a change 'work in progress' when you have submitted it but it is not ready for others to review. Others will see the work in progress bit is set and not waste time reviewing patches that are not ready yet.

The 'git review' tool is good for submitting changes, but then I have to go to the web ui to mark a change as wip. I can use gertty for this, but again that means going and searching it out.

I have added the following function to my .bashrc:

gerrit () {

    if [ $1 = "wip" ]; then
        commit=`git show | grep -m1 commit | cut -d " " -f 2 2>/dev/null`
        if [ -z $commit ]; then
            echo "Not in git directory?"
            return 1
        gerrit review $commit --workflow -1
        return $?
    username=`git config gitreview.username`

    ssh -o VisualHostKey=no -p 29418 $ gerrit $*


This function enables some pretty cool features. It takes as arguments any arguments that the gerrit ssh command line interface takes. Meaning you can do things like these:

$: gerrit ls-projects | grep puppet
$: gerrit -h
gerrit [COMMAND] [ARG ...] [--] [--help (-h)]

 --          : end of options
 --help (-h) : display this help text

Available commands of gerrit are:

   ban-commit           Ban a commit from a project's repository
   create-account       Create a new batch/role account
   create-group         Create a new account group
   create-project       Create a new project and associated Git repository
   flush-caches         Flush some/all server caches from memory
   gc                   Run Git garbage collection
   gsql                 Administrative interface to active database
   ls-groups            List groups visible to the caller
   ls-members           List the members of a given group
   ls-projects          List projects visible to the caller
   ls-user-refs         List refs visible to a specific user
   query                Query the change database
   receive-pack         Standard Git server side command for client side git push
   rename-group         Rename an account group
   review               Verify, approve and/or submit one or more patch sets
   set-account          Change an account's settings
   set-members          Modify members of specific group or number of groups
   set-project          Change a project's settings
   set-project-parent   Change the project permissions are inherited from
   set-reviewers        Add or remove reviewers on a change
   show-caches          Display current cache statistics
   show-connections     Display active client SSH connections
   show-queue           Display the background work queues
   stream-events        Monitor events occurring in real time
   version              Display gerrit version

See 'gerrit COMMAND --help' for more information.

We also inspect the first command to see if it is 'wip.' This allows us to create new commands to the gerrit cli without changing any code or having access to the gerrit server. What I've added is the 'wip' command which inspects the local git repository for the latest change, and marks it as wip with gerrit. This changes my workflow to look like this:

$: git review
$: gerrit wip

This is much shorter, more unixy, and doesn't require me to hop out of the terminal. Future improvements would be to identify if you are in a stack of changes and wip all of them.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Leaving Blogger

It's time to join the future and host my own blog. I'm also going to do the regular stuff of evaluating technologies and picking one, developing tools that other people have developed, etc.

I've debated doing this many times. I've always felt that I didn't want to be that person who only blogs about blogging. I feel after a couple years of pretty consistent blogging, that I won't totally ignore my blog after putting a lot of effort into it. Plus this is an excuse to build a website, something I am embarrassingly weak in.

I'm pretty sure the next location of my blog will be but I'm not entirely sure.

Right now the plan is to move to pelican because python and restructured text are both technologies that have crossover with OpenStack, and I like that. What I may end up writing is tooling to pull my old posts out of Blogger.

I have no idea if blogger will let me put a redirect in for my subdomain on their domain. I have to think that literally no one at google works on this now right? After reader went away I was sure this would get the axe and yet it remains...

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Guest Post on Puppet-a-day

Today I have been honored to post a guest post on the puppet-a-day community blog. You can find my post here.

Big thanks to @daenney for making the puppet-a-day thing go.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Future posts/projects

There are a list of projects I want to do or see get done, and posts I'd like to write. For lack of better place, I'll simply post the names here and we'll see where it goes.

  • Puppet-kick replacement
    • Puppet kick really is super dead
    • need new daemon/maybe new command line utility
    • some kindof daemon that listens for http kicks and fires puppet
    • could re-use the kick api, or bold new territory
      • /api/status
        • can return:
          • 'puppet running'
          • 'puppet not  running'
          • 'puppet last run was: <bool: success> <bool: changes>'
          • 'puppet admin disabled'
      • /api/run
        • async
        • can fire a run
        • can fire a run against an environment
        • maybe noop?
    • Fuck on im not dealing with auth.conf. Maybe just a list of dns or fingerprints that are allowed to fire a kick?
  • PuppetBoard-like web applications
    • CA signing/revoking web appication
    • DB-backed, ENC
  • Barbican integration
    • Use openstack-barbican
    • Secret storage as a backend for hiera
    • Certificate Authority api, possibly become ref implementation of external CA interaction for puppet
  • Ceph Continuation
    • continue exploration of ceph tool
  • AFS exploration
    • continue exploration of AFS/Kerb
  • Terraform w/ OpenStack
    • It is so freaking close, and yet
  • Hodor
    • hodor is a dumb script I wrote around nova to get work done 
  • GPG mapping
    • games i've played with using javascript to visualize the gpg web of trust

These will be done(or not done) in any random order. If you want to see one get done give me some feedback.