Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ops School: The coolest thing since sliced bread

Stardate 90915.3

I work at an organization that teaches people new to computers how to administer them. I've give a talk with blkperl, my boss, many times called Zero to Root. Teaching in our organization is very personal and doesn't really translate to other environments. We can't say 'Here, use our curriculum, its baws.'

Ops School strives to be the curriculum for people who want to become operations people. It doesn't assume any previous knowledge, but doesn't hide the details from the users either. Its kindof like a tldp.org for this generation of hackers. I have been slowing in my blog postings because some of that energy I use to write down things for other people has been siphoned off into opsschool.

I encourage everyone out there to contribute, there are huge chunks of this document that still need to be written.