Saturday, November 22, 2014

Leaving Blogger

It's time to join the future and host my own blog. I'm also going to do the regular stuff of evaluating technologies and picking one, developing tools that other people have developed, etc.

I've debated doing this many times. I've always felt that I didn't want to be that person who only blogs about blogging. I feel after a couple years of pretty consistent blogging, that I won't totally ignore my blog after putting a lot of effort into it. Plus this is an excuse to build a website, something I am embarrassingly weak in.

I'm pretty sure the next location of my blog will be but I'm not entirely sure.

Right now the plan is to move to pelican because python and restructured text are both technologies that have crossover with OpenStack, and I like that. What I may end up writing is tooling to pull my old posts out of Blogger.

I have no idea if blogger will let me put a redirect in for my subdomain on their domain. I have to think that literally no one at google works on this now right? After reader went away I was sure this would get the axe and yet it remains...

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