Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Future posts/projects

There are a list of projects I want to do or see get done, and posts I'd like to write. For lack of better place, I'll simply post the names here and we'll see where it goes.

  • Puppet-kick replacement
    • Puppet kick really is super dead
    • need new daemon/maybe new command line utility
    • some kindof daemon that listens for http kicks and fires puppet
    • could re-use the kick api, or bold new territory
      • /api/status
        • can return:
          • 'puppet running'
          • 'puppet not  running'
          • 'puppet last run was: <bool: success> <bool: changes>'
          • 'puppet admin disabled'
      • /api/run
        • async
        • can fire a run
        • can fire a run against an environment
        • maybe noop?
    • Fuck on im not dealing with auth.conf. Maybe just a list of dns or fingerprints that are allowed to fire a kick?
  • PuppetBoard-like web applications
    • CA signing/revoking web appication
    • DB-backed, ENC
  • Barbican integration
    • Use openstack-barbican
    • Secret storage as a backend for hiera
    • Certificate Authority api, possibly become ref implementation of external CA interaction for puppet
  • Ceph Continuation
    • continue exploration of ceph tool
  • AFS exploration
    • continue exploration of AFS/Kerb
  • Terraform w/ OpenStack
    • It is so freaking close, and yet
  • Hodor
    • hodor is a dumb script I wrote around nova to get work done 
  • GPG mapping
    • games i've played with using javascript to visualize the gpg web of trust

These will be done(or not done) in any random order. If you want to see one get done give me some feedback.

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