Sunday, February 15, 2015

EFI boot on HP EliteBook 840

After entirely too long with my HP EliteBook 840, I have made it boot successful without human interaction. After installing ubuntu my typical power-on process looked like this:

  •  Power button
  •  Computer tries and fails to boot, dumping to diagnostics
  •  Power button
  •  Interupt boot process at the right time with f-9
  •  Select 'boot from efi file'
  •  Select a disk
  •  Drill into the filesystem and select 'shimx64.efi'
This was super annoying. I finally got fed up and went exploring settings. There is a section in settings for setting a custom efi path. The interface is a bit derpy, but its eventually possible to get to a text input box.

I put in my text box:  

At this point, I saved and rebooted. The machine was able to come up into ubuntu with no human intervention. My next work is to enable the 'Custom Logo at boot' component.

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  1. if anyone is trying this.. my path is a bit different... instead of .exe I have .efi for ubuntu 16.04