Monday, December 8, 2014


#puppethack is the new version of the Puppet triage-a-thon. It is a decentralized hackathon for open source Puppet projects. This year I participated mostly by contributing to the puppetlabs-rabbitmq module. I worked closely with Colleen Murphy of Puppet Labs on this.

When we started there were 31 outstanding pull requests. Now there are only 21.  And five of those have been opened during or after the hackathon.

I am most proud of my beaker testing PR which added beaker (acceptance and integration) testing to the rabbitmq_user, rabbitmq_vhost, and rabbitmq_policy types.

Overall #puppethack was a success and I am glad I participated. I want to thank my employer, HP, for allowing me to participate in the open source ecosystem. I am looking forward to doing it next year!

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