Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Pro Puppet 2nd Edition

I wrote a book! Well, me and some people wrote a book. The original is by James Turnbull and Jeff McCune. The update is by myself, William Van Hevelingen, and Ben Kero.

Pro Puppet 2nd Edition is an update to the original Pro Puppet, newly updated for Puppet 3.

We cover a number of topics new since the original came out:

  • Hiera (entire chapter devoted to this topic)
  • Puppet DB
  • Puppet Enterprise
  • PuppetBoard
  • r10k
  • rspec-puppet
  • rspec-system (now called Beaker)
And we have a updated material on other topics such as:

  • Puppet language
  • Puppet syntax
  • Puppet modules
  • Best practices
  • Scaling Puppet
  • Exported resources
  • Marionette Collective (MCollective)
If you have any feedback on this title please drop me a line.

The source code for the examples can be found here:

And the eratta is being collected at:

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